About Us

Ride Bikes More is just what it sounds like – We work to raise bicycle awareness worldwide. 100% of the proceeds from this site go towards content that drives bicycle education.

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Community Impact

There are so many benefits to cycling and the cycling community, and we launched @Ride_Bikes_More on Instagram in 2019 to bring attention to all those great things. We advocate for the community, healthier lifestyles and a greener planet that cycling can offer.

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Our Story

I’ve always been on a bike.
Cycling has been my lifelong companion, from carefree rides through my hometown as a child to exploring diverse landscapes in South America, Europe, and Asia as an adult. Beyond mere transportation, cycling has been a conduit to freedom, liberating me from worries and problems. It served as a healer, unlocking the power of imagination and offering a mental escape. This newfound freedom allowed me to envision boundless possibilities and opened doors to creativity. The sense of community within the cycling world further enriched my journey. 

Establishing Ride Bikes More in 2019, I sought to share the profound lessons learned—about freedom, imagination, and the physical and mental benefits that leave me not just feeling good but truly liberated.

Today, I want to bring more awareness to everything that cycling and the cycling community has to offer. We offer not only ebooks and stickers, we offer a way to connect those like-minded individuals who can share with our communities all the benefits that bike-based initiatives have to offer on social media.


Picking Up Speed

Our Instagram account is turning into a convoy, with new followers joining every day.

and growing!


Great content, safe riding and spreading the message of the cycling lifestyle.


Studies show that cycling has multiple health benefits.

Keep It Green

It’s simple – more bikes = fewer cars = less pollution.


Riding is a way to meet people and make new friends, no matter your age.